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Expert’s Insights: An Interview with Arif Ainul Suman

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Arif Ainul Suman is the Executive Director, Corporate Banking, Standard Chartered Bank. A topper in his batch from IBA, Mr. Suman passionately pursued his career with leading multi-national financial institutions past 18-years in the arena of providing financing solutions and risk management for leading local corporate clientele. Besides providing Working Capital Solutions and Trade Finance Structuring, he has substantial experience in Specialized Financing and Advisory. He is considered a pioneer in power sector having been involved in raising financing for approximately 20% of country’s private sector generation capacity.

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4 tips to create a positive first impression in an interview

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“Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths?”, “What is your greatest weakness?” etc. are some of the few common questions that you expect to be bombarded with at the beginning of an interview. Most of you think, to ace an interview we have to give good answers to these questions. However, even before you take the opportunity to convey those perfectly thought-out answers (that you probably toiled days to prepare), you will already have all interviewers’ eyes on you, evaluating your potential to fit the job role and the organization. read more

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