5 Ways Attending A Career Fair Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Attending A Career Fair Can Change Your Life

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A career fair is not just a daylong event where you get to meet face to face with the potential employers, it is also a learning experience for you. Visiting a career fair is a step in the right direction. Takeaways from a career fair can be used to make a lasting effect in your life. Let’s have a look at how attending a career fair can be a life changing experience for you.

1.You will gain an edge that will enable you to compete in the job market
With about 2 million youth entering the job market of Bangladesh each year, competition is high. It is vital to meet your peers and identify how you stand among them. There are not too many other opportunities that give you the same kind of insight.

2.You will gain important insight on how to develop yourself
Attending a career fair is a great way of discovering the qualifications recruiters are looking for specific jobs. For instance, in a career fair you can inquire as to what extracurricular activities or skills employers are looking for. If you are currently studying in finance, you can ask employers what kind of technical skills you will need in your professional career. You can use all this information to understand what skills you require to excel your professional life and focus on acquiring those skills.

3.You will build strong, lasting connections
Career fairs offer incredible networking opportunities. Networking can open new doors and is a really valuable way of expanding your knowledge. If you are able to build a relationship with influential HR personnel, you can always communicate with them occasionally, and let them know that you are interested in applying for future opportunities.

4.You can build your confidence
Just like in an interview, you want to leave a good impression in a career fair. Career fairs provide on spot interviews. Even if you don’t get the job, attending the interview gives you a boost in confidence. This boost in confidence is especially useful in future interviews or professional situations.

5.Gain directions for career mapping
You can hear from successful professionals which will gives clearer insight about various companies, work environments and career options. The career fair is your opportunity to begin considering what you need to do after graduation or if you have graduated which career direction to take. It might mean finding out about the different occupations inside your particular industry or choosing what industry you might want to enter.


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