Guidance, confidence boost, and experience; these were the ingredients chosen for a perfect leader!

Guidance, confidence boost, and experience; these were the ingredients chosen for a perfect leader!

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If you click on the “Why OPD?” section on the OPD website, this is what it says, “There is a glaring lack of effective career guidance services available to university students in Bangladesh today, etc. etc.” Now that you have gone through the official version of our extremely competitive layout, let me tell you what you should be looking forward to if you attend our workshops.

Presenting the top 5 reasons you should be attending an OPD workshop from my own experience!

  1. You know nothing!
    While almost everyone out there nowadays struts around with an “I-know-it-all” attitude, how many of us really know how to write a proper e-mail or even shake our potential employers’ hand professionally. The workshops concentrate on broad issues to minute details of a professional life. From career planning to interviews, the journey consists of them all.
  2. Your resume does not meet international standards.
    From adding our best photo across half the page of our resume to adding funky fonts, most of us have been through it all. Your resume gets rejected again and again and you are tired of trying without realizing where the problem lies. Did you know that employers spend 9 seconds on average scanning your resume? OPD workshops help you build a world-class resume with a top notch cover letter to go with it.
  3. Your social media activity does matter to your employer.
    No really, it does! After attending an OPD workshop you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself rushing home to make massive changes on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. Not only that, a comprehensive session on the do’s and don’t’s of e-mail writing to when an e-mail should be sent or not sent is taught. The importance of being groomed in the ways of behaving online in this “digital” era is emphasized.
  4. You will be guided by experts in their fields.
    The OPD team consists of individuals who have excelled in their fields academically as well as professionally. Each session is conducted by them and you gain an opportunity to learn from them through their expertise and experience. Each participant leaves with a sense of enlightenment and adventure because it is just the beginning of their journey thanks to the warm and friendly approach of the instructor and of course the fact that the class size is kept as small as possible to give individual attention to participants.
  5. Leaders are not born, they are created.
    Yes, the OPD team is a firm believer of this statement. Leadership skills are becoming more and more important and we as a country are still stuck in an age where there is no difference between a “boss” and a “leader”. OPD works to hone your skills in leadership as well as various other key skills that are overlooked but are vital to thriving professionally. In fact, 94% of our graduates have exercised leadership in entrepreneurship, politics, community service, mobilizing others to take action, etc.

As a BYLC graduate, OPD is opening a door for you to a world of possibilities such as BYLC Graduate Network, Career fairs, etc. and OPD workshops are just one of the few of them. Workshops are a great way of networking, learning and polishing your skills. So, why OPD? How about you attend a workshop and find that out yourself!

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