4 tips to create a positive first impression in an interview

4 tips to create a positive first impression in an interview

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“Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths?”, “What is your greatest weakness?” etc. are some of the few common questions that you expect to be bombarded with at the beginning of an interview. Most of you think, to ace an interview we have to give good answers to these questions. However, even before you take the opportunity to convey those perfectly thought-out answers (that you probably toiled days to prepare), you will already have all interviewers’ eyes on you, evaluating your potential to fit the job role and the organization.

According to John Lees, a career strategist and author of The Interview Expert: How to Get the Job You Want and Job Interviews: Top Answers to Tough Questions, people form opinions about your personality and intelligence in the first 30 seconds of the interview. “How you speak, how you enter the room, and how comfortable you look are really important,” he says.

So, creating a good impression within the first few seconds of the interview is critical for a successful interview. Below are 4 tips that can help you to make a stellar first impression.

Tip 1: Punctuality

Be on time for the interview. Being on time for an interview does not only mean being there on the scheduled time, rather it means to be at the interview at least 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.

In case you are running late for the interview, call the interviewers as soon as possible to inform them about your delay. This is of utmost importance that you practice punctuality which will help you to create a positive first impression.

Tip 2: Grooming

Proper grooming is very important for creating a first impression. You have to dress appropriately for the situation. Your dress and shoes should be neat and clean. Jewelry and makeup should be kept simple and minimal.  Perfume and cologne should be used with caution. Proper hairstyle, trimmed beard, and manicure are also important for proper grooming.

Tip 3: Greeting

Everyone appreciates a welcoming person, so stand up to greet before you sit.  Always state your first name and last name when introducing yourself to the interviewers. Smile and make eye contact when you are in the introductory conversation. Also remember to give a firm handshake. In the context of Bangladeshi job market, sometimes the candidate or interviewer finds it uncomfortable for a handshake. This is completely okay and it will definitely not affect your interview.  Avoid sitting down in a hurry and wait for the invitation from your interviewer before you take your place.

Tip 4: Body language

When meeting an interviewer, it is normal to be nervous but you do not want your anxiety to show. Your body language should be confident and comfortable. It is easy to fall into bad habits like slouching and looking down when you are in an uncomfortable situation, but these habits can make you seem nervous or scared. If you want to work on your body language in order to appear more confident, there are some simple strategies that you can use. Taking long brisk steps, sitting up straight, and walking with your chest held high shows that you are a confident candidate.

Having said all of that, always remember to be yourself and give your best!


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