Stuck at home OR Safe at home

Stuck at home OR Safe at home

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This is a difficult time in all of our lives. Many of us are yearning to go back to the days we could hug a friend, attend classes, or travel the world again. Yet, there are also those making the best out of the situation. By the end of this self-quarantine period, many of us will have achieved great personal milestones! In such a crucial time, our mindset is everything. Hope can sustain our abilities to accept the current situation and make the best out of it.

A few simple changes into your current lifestyle can enrich our mindset, boost positivity and provide freshness in this bleak state of things. Provided below is a simple yet effective list of things we can do, which hold a strong impact on promoting peace and stability at home.

  1. Diet 

An easy way to stay on track with our health is by maintaining a healthy and invigorating diet. These include:

  • Including more fruits and vegetables in our diet.
  • Ensuring to take regular meals.
  • Consuming less sugar.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape as well as stay motivated. Due to home confinement restrictions, there are some simples ways to incorporate exercise in our lives:

  • Stretching at timed intervals throughout the day.
  • Taking walks inside the house.
  • Making a game out of our workout routine to make it more interesting.

3. Social

Connectivity has become a vital source of self-care amidst this time of crisis. By reaching out to our near and dear ones, we can help ourselves in staying happy and minimizing our frustration:

  • Connecting with people through social forums, podcasts or online classes.
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends through mobile apps.
  • Taking this time out to surf our educational interests online.

4. Sleep

Sleep is an underrated factor that plays a vital role in keeping our bodies and mind replenished with the right kind of energy. It is essential to have enough sleep in a day and therefore keep our mind at a peaceful rest:

  • Having a proper sleep routine can work well in bringing discipline in our lives.
  • It is important to try sleeping for an ideal timeline between 6-8 hours.
  • Drinking water before going to sleep and after waking up can become a good habit to staying hydrated.



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