Personal Journey

একজন বাসন্তী দিদি এবং আমার শৈশব

600 423 Jamia Rahman Khan Tisa

মানুষ গড়ার কারিগর কথাটা শুনলে সবার আগে যার মুখটা আমাদের চোখে ভাসে তিনি হলেন শিক্ষক। মা বাবার পরে প্রতিটা মানুষের জীবনে সবচেয়ে বেশী অবদান রাখা মানুষদের তালিকায় প্রথমেই চলে আসে শিক্ষকের নাম। আমাদের জানার, বুঝতে শেখার সহযাত্রী হিসেবে তাদেরকে আমরা পাশে পাই সবসময়ই। তাদের অনুপ্রেরণায় আমরা স্বপ্ন দেখি, নিজেকে গড়ে তুলি।

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Eight days of class, learning for a lifetime— Three lessons from my time at Harvard Kennedy School

2177 1500 Almeer Ahsan Asif

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) history has a deep-rooted bond with Harvard University. It was there that BYLC’s founder, Ejaj Ahmad, while completing his Masters, conceptualized the idea of a program that teaches adaptive leadership while bringing together young people from different backgrounds. 

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Kickstart Your Designing Career

4000 2666 Jubair Islam

It is always difficult to determine what you are going to do next when you are just graduating. It could be more difficult if you are planning to switch from another academic discipline. During my undergrad, I was an engineer in the making. I enjoyed studying science but was more fascinated by creative designing. However,…

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Everyday Leadership: An Interview with Anik Sinha

5012 3648 Noshin Noorjahan

Over the years that I have been affiliated with BYLC, I met graduates who accomplished concrete goals at an age I deemed too young to achieve anything. I find their stories fascinating and look forward to learning about their perspectives towards life.

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Things will go Wrong: The Nightmares of Public Speaking

2055 1080 Nubaira Forkan

For the longest time, I debated using a prop, especially one as blatantly patriotic as the flag. It was ROSTRUM week at my primary school. Children stood at the head of their class and gave a short speech on a topic of their (let us be honest, parent’s) choice, their voices undulating with the shaking…

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