On Leadership

Everyday Leadership: An Interview with Anik Sinha

5012 3648 Noshin Noorjahan

Over the years that I have been affiliated with BYLC, I met graduates who accomplished concrete goals at an age I deemed too young to achieve anything. I find their stories fascinating and look forward to learning about their perspectives towards life. read more

সমস্যা যখন অ্যাডাপ্টিভ

3872 2592 Jamia Rahman Khan Tisa

বেশ ক’বছর আগের কথা। আমার এক আত্মীয়ের হার্টের অসুখ ধরা পড়লো। উনি সিগারেট খেতেন প্রচুর আর রিচফুড ছিলো উনার সবচেয়ে প্রিয়। সপ্তাহে তিনদিন গরুরমাংস না খেলে উনার চলতোই না। read more

Leadership and Football: Is there a lesson to be learned?

1024 731 Rafaeal Hossain

Football, being the most popular sport in the world, is immensely celebrated in all aspects and likewise, the sport has seen some incredible leaders, who came along to significantly change the landscape of the game. These people brought something into the game that others had not seen, they foresaw opportunities and revolutionized the universe of 3.5 billion football fans. read more

10 lessons from the International Leadership Program

1024 683 Shaveena Anam

“Leadership is something that is good. Anything else is an abuse of power”, Mohamad Amersi, philanthropist, and CEO of Emergent Telecom Ventures said in his introductory speech at the inauguration of the Prince’s Trust International’s Leadership Program. This statement stayed with me throughout the two weeks I spent in the UK, where I had the honor of being 1 out of 80 young change makers selected from over 6000 applications. read more

Transforming Inspiring Youth into Role Models

2048 1363 Salman Sabbab

Imagine a TV reporter is interviewing you and suddenly he asks, “Who’s your role model and why?” You are on camera and have only the fraction of a second to come up with a name. What would your answer be? If you stumble and struggle before uttering a name, you are not alone. Most of the youth of our generation are on the same boat, where we are not sure if we have a role model or not. Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with students of different universities from divisional cities. What I found common among them is the absence of role models in their life. read more

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