Parenting amidst the pandemic

Parenting amidst the pandemic

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Before the pandemic, all of us lived our simple lives, hustling through the day while the little ones stayed busy with their fun social activities at school. These social activities such as outdoor games, group art projects, and school dramas played an integral role in developing  children’s social and communication skills. They supported their healthy psychological development by generating positive social experiences and sometimes even useful learnings from the not so positive experiences. They nurtured children’s creative outlook on life.

Unfortunately during the pandemic, this creative environment has suddenly transitioned into an obscure gloom, stripping all the vibrant colors from our lives and throwing us into dark ends. Suddenly, kids exploring the world through rose-tinted glasses have been drenched wet with the dark murky harshness of our current reality.

The lockdown has submerged us into incessant uncertainty and obscurity. It has not only changed our daily routine but has also aggravated mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Just like us, our little ones are going through a difficult time at this moment.

Discussed below are four possible ways we can help our little ones in this difficult time:

Be honest about the pandemic

Make sure your kids clearly understand the situation. Information should not be hidden or distorted while making your kids aware of the situation outside. Educate them about the necessary precautions and the negative consequences if not followed properly.

Acknowledge their feelings

In this difficult time, your child might feel sad and sometimes anxious. In circumstances like these, you can encourage discussions acknowledging their emotions and try redirecting them to more positive or productive directions. You can encourage them to brush up on their creative and social skills, and perhaps acquire new ones in the lockdown.

Follow a routine

A little bit of structure in your little one’s lives can go a long way in terms of ensuring a balance in their lives during lockdown. For example, kids can go to bed and wake up at a fixed time. Again, having meals regularly at specific times or going for pre-planned study sessions in a dedicated set-up can help them cope with this new normal.

Have fun indoors

Arranging family games and movie nights can help to ease the stress of your kids. Also, planning cultural nights and even recalling old memories in a group discussion will improve their mood.

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